First post! Denim Butterick B5600

 I had an idea for a relaxed fit pull on dress and came across Butterick B5600 which I could adapt. I only wanted an opening to the waist and a front skirt piece with out a seam down the front. To do this I cut the front pattern piece in half along the waist position, this seam got covered by the band. (If you ever do this with a pattern double check that the opening you are left with is wide enough for your hips / shoulders or you wont get it on!)

pattern cover 1

I pre-washed the denim before using it to soften it up a little bit and to avoid any shrinking.  I used Guttermann top stitch thread for the contrast stitching. I was in two minds about doing this as I wasn’t sure I’d like the finished look but I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. It took a while to get the tension right on the bottom thread. It still wasn’t perfect but as you only get 30mts on a reel I just seemed to be wasting loads.

 stitching front (1824 x 1368)

I overlocked the seam allowances, maybe it was the denim but the machine made hard work of it, especially at the centre front where there was the extra thickness with the placket. So it has a slight ‘chewed up’ appearance at that point.
I bought the jeans button studs from Amazon and they just bash in with a hammer.

stitching back (18241368)

I’ve worn this quite a bit over the summer and the denim has washed down and softened up. I love the side pockets but next time I need to re-inforce the stitching each side of the opening as I got a bit of a rip when I caught the pocket on the arm rest of my office chair. And yes, that’s me trying not to look awkward doing a spot of modelling in the back garden……..

full view (372 x 600)


10 thoughts on “First post! Denim Butterick B5600

  1. Oooh, your dress is lovely Helen, I love a bit of soft washed denim!
    I’m following your blog now, can’t wait to see what else you make.

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