A bit of knitting

I know it’s not sewing but there was still plenty of stitches involved.

This was my first attempt at knitting socks. I wanted to end up with a pair of proper everyday socks that would take the place of shop bought ones.

finished (1295 x 1082)

I buy all my socks from M&S and recently I’ve found that that there is a weak point at the heel gusset that goes into a hole, on some occasions this has happened only after a few wears.

Every so often I think I should pack them all up and send them to their QC department with a ranting note. So instead of wasting money on substandard socks, I thought I’d make my own.

I got the pattern free from my local haberdashery shop. It is a leaflet from www.viridianyarn.com For the wool I ordered on line from www.loveknitting.com

My enthusiasm waned during the knitting of the first sock. I didn’t think it was that great around the heel area. Initially I was a bit puzzled by the picking up of stitches along the edge of the gusset, I thought the piece was too long for just 15 stitches but it wasn’t.

So I think that part could have been neater. When I got to the end of the toe shaping I had 1 less stitch than I should have. I thought ‘grafting’ the ends of the toe together through the remaining stitches was great giving a really neat finish. Both socks ended up with a bit of a knobble at one end so I need more practice. I also think it’s fab that you cast on stitches and then it’s one continuous length until you finish the toe grafting and you have a completed sock. No sewing up.

The first sock took about 12 hours to knit spread over 8 days. But once sock one was finished and I tried it on my enthusiasm came back. The second sock was quicker, I managed to get it done over 5 evenings.

in progress 2 (1368 x 1824)

I chose the wool because I really liked the plum colour running through it but when I knitted it up those colours hardly appear. It’s quite odd as when you look at the ball you can see quite a bit of it.  I’ve signed up to www.Ravely.com a knitting forum where there are loads of free sock patterns. I’m also really temped to buy this book about ‘toe – up’ knitted socks but I’m resisting as buying a sock book when I can get free patterns is an unnecessary expenditure.

They’ve had their first wear and I can see room for improvement. Firstly they are a little bit big in length and circumference, so for next time I’ll know to cast on less stitches and shorten the foot. These have been knitted in plain stocking stitch (knit every row) but a rib pattern helps with keeping they staying up.

I can’t say I’ll never buy a pair of socks for myself again but I think I’ll give knitting my own another go.


7 thoughts on “A bit of knitting

  1. Awesome. I’ve pondered doing socks. They have to be a relatively quick project compared to the jumper I made a few years ago (5 ply! It went on forever!). I almost had a go at making gloves last winter. Once I was done playing with double pointed needles and making little ‘practice fingers’ it had started to warm up! Maybe this is the year…

  2. Fabulous socks. Ahh the patience you must have. They are beautifully done.
    The last thing I knitted was an orange buttoned up cardigan, which for some reason ended up lopsided! Still, it’s got personality!

  3. They are fabulous, especially for a first attempt. Do you read Roobeedoo’s blog? She knits the most amazing socks with the lushest colours of yarn! I wish I could knit like that – scarves and dishcloths is all I’m good for 🙂

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