A Bit More Sock Knitting

There was a comment on pattern for the first pair of socks I made ‘WARNING sock knitting is highly addictive’. I think it’s true. I feel like I know how to improve on the first pair and want to prove to myself the next pair will be better. I’ve knitted a pair for my other half using the same yarn from Love Knitting, 75% wool, 25% nylon 4 ply sock yarn but in a different colour. I love the way the stripes knitted up.

during knitting (1824 x 1368)

The pattern was free download from Ravelry, Rams Wool Basic Socks I picked it mainly because it was simple and sized for men.

I think when it comes to socks staying up rib is the way to go. So the leg and instep are knitted in 2 x 2 rib, which gives quite a skinny looking sock but compared to stocking stitch has much more stretch. The heel, toe and under foot are stocking stitch, actually the heel was a repeat of *k1 slip1* which in itself gives a bit of a rib appearance. There is probably a good reason for this; I think it makes the heel thicker in an area that gets a lot of wear.

I feel like I am getting the hang of grafting the toe ends together, no knobbly bits this time around.

(these have been worn, hence the bits of sawdust attached to the bottom of the foot)

(these have been worn, hence the bits of sawdust attached to the bottom of the foot)

What I really loved about this pattern was the instructions on how to split the stitches between your 3 needles. This is probably basic stuff for a seasoned sock knitter but for me it was a light bulb moment. On my first pair of socks I just divided the stitches evenly between the 3 needles and had to use fiddly stitch markers. This pattern explained to have half the number of stitches on 1 needle and the other half split equally between the other two needles.

So in this case I had 72 stiches
Needle 1 – 36stitches
Needle 2 – 18 stitches
Needle 3 – 18 stitches

This remains constant throughout the sock (except when the amounts increase and decrease when you are turning the heel). When you are knitting the ankle the 36 stitches are the back of sock and extend down to the heel. When you are knitting the foot the stitches get shuffled around and the needle with 36 stitches forms the instep.

The first pair I knitted for myself now look a bit basic in comparison, so I’m starting another pair for myself in rib with a bit of cable thrown in.


8 thoughts on “A Bit More Sock Knitting

  1. Those look great! I noticed a sock knitting course offered locally over 2 evening sessions, and I am very tempted to go. I can cast on & off, knit and purl, so I should be able to cope, yes?

    • Hello Fiona,
      You have definitely got the skills to give sock knitting a go. It’s a great thing to have on the go in between sewing projects. Every one needs socks!

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