Cable Pattern Socks – and spot the mistake…..

As my first pair of socks was looking a bit plain and simple I felt I needed to try something new. After the success of the ribbed pair I decided on rib with a bit of cable.

cable socks (1669 x 1452)

So back to LOVE KNITTING for some wool. I fell for a 10% off offer but it was still more expensive than the other sock yarns I had bought. Then when it arrived I realised it needed size 3.25 needles rather than the 2.5 I had used on the previous two pairs so I needed to buy more needles.

I like the colour but it’s not quite a vivid as it was on-line which was a little bit disappointing. Looking back at the site I’m beginning to think I didn’t order what I thought or I was sent the wrong one. They are actually a lot more pinker than the photo shows. Here’s what I think I got.

cable socks 2 (1368 x 1824)

I didn’t use a pattern I just worked it out myself. I had learnt that the number of stitches you use must be divisible by 4. I was using a circumference of 56 stitches. To work out the rib and cable pattern I drew up a grid split numbered 1 – 28 for half the sock.

knit chart

I started off with a cuff of 1 x 1 rib for 12 rows. Initially I didn’t like the feel of the bigger needles after using the slimmer 2.5 size but I got used to it and with a bigger stitch the sock grew faster.

Spot the mistake.

left foot 3 ribs between cables, right foot 1 rib between cables

left foot 3 ribs between cables, right foot 1 rib between cables

The first sock knitted had 3 rows of ribbing between the two cables on the instep of the sock, the second only has one. It wasn’t until I was nearly at the end of the foot on the second sock that I noticed. I now realise it is the second sock that’s wrong. What must have happened is that when I started knitting the pattern after the cuff ribbing I’ve started on the wrong needle. Doh! But looking at them I think I prefer the sock with the mistake. And I was so proud of my chart!

Overall I’m a bit disappointed with the yarn. The colour is nice but not what I thought it was going to be. I think I prefer the smaller stitch and tension of the Regia 4ply.

It’s going to be socks for the children next. We took a trip to the local wool shop and despite me trying to suggest lovely subtle colours the 6 year old chose this. I’m going to need my sunglasses to knit!

flouro wool (1368 x 1824)


9 thoughts on “Cable Pattern Socks – and spot the mistake…..

  1. LOL. They are like Camper Shoes – ‘twins’. But still – don’t doubt your chart. Looks like you reverse engineered that pretty well. Full credit for design analysis there!

  2. They are beautiful socks, lovely. I hope to be able to knit like this someday. Respect to your 6 year old for her yarn choice, they will be very spectacular socksies indeed 😀

    • Seriously, they are not difficult. it’s getting over the fear of knitting on double pointed needles and getting your head around the shaping.Put socks on your new year to do list!

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