The Seamless Pledge and RTW Fast 2014

During 2013 I wondered if I would be able to get through a whole year not buying RTW (ready to wear) clothes. If I wanted anything new I could make it myself so I thought I’d give it a go during 2014.
I came across the Seamless blog which had a pledge you could sign up to.

I, Helen, I'm taking the Seamless Pledge for the whole of 2014

I, Helen, I’m taking the Seamless Pledge for the whole of 2014

The rules are :- No buying new clothes for the duration of your pledge. Underwear is an exception.

RTW Fast 2014
A link on another blog led me to Goodbye Valentino which was signing up bloggers for a RTW fast for 2014 so I have added my name.
The rules are :- No shop bought clothes – shoes, socks and underwear permitted.

I’m all buoyed up for this and hopefully in a years time will be able to report a success.

Anybody else taking part?

8 thoughts on “The Seamless Pledge and RTW Fast 2014

  1. Hi Helen, I took the plunge and joined the Goodbye Valentino RTW fast! Can you explain how I can get the badge in my widget bar? I’ve tried copying & pasting and it doesn’t work. Do I need a ‘code’?

    • Glad to hear you have joined too.
      When I put in the ‘seamless pledge’ logo I was pulling my hair out and had to go on the WordPress forum and ask for help. Now I know what I am doing!
      Firstly, go to the Goodbye Valentino post and save the picture (right click, save As). Then add it to your blog media files. Go to the Widget bit of your dashboard and do an ‘image widget’. You need the URL of the image, so open your media file and ‘edit’ the RTW logo, you can find the URL on towards the right of the screen (there is one above the image which I now know is not the right one to copy and paste). You can also put in the URL of the Goodbye V post so that when visitors to your blog click on the logo it will link them to that post. You can also re-size the logo and choose what position you want it to be. Hope this is clear. If not let me know and I’ll try and give more help!

      • Thanks so much Helen, I will have a go and come back if I can’t crack it!
        I have managed to do it before withe the penelope sewalong and the pattern pyramid, but I can’t remember how I did them!

  2. I have been “fasting” from clothing buying for a year now and joined Goodbye Valentino for a second year. This year I can see I will need to make a lot of basics! Of course there is always room for fun projects too… 😀

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