Junior A-Line Denim Skirt

This was the last sewing make of 2013 which I managed to finish just in time for Christmas.
skirt on bench (2160 x 1620)

It is a self drafted pattern for which I followed the skirt block with darts from Winifred Aldrich’s Metric Pattern Cutting for children’s Wear. It’s a simple pattern to draft. I made up a toile but found it was too slim so I cut the pattern from the hem up to the base of the darts and closed the darts to get a bit more of an A-line shape. I used a shaped waistband, taking the depth of the waistband from the skirt pieces rather than adding a straight band to the top edge.
girls skirt pattern diagram 2

I chose the front style opening as I wanted a bit of interest and didn’t want to use a zipper. The centre front waistband  has a bound buttonhole at each end. It only opens on the left side.
Find the bound button hole tutorial here.
skirt open at waist (2160 x 1620)It’s the first time I have ever sewn that style of pocket, the only amendment I need to make to the pattern  is to cut the denim patch, which is laid onto the back pocket bag, bigger. It only just fills the space, it needs another couple of cm’s added to the length of it.

I added  buttonhole elastic into the back waist, you can get this quite cheaply by the metre on eBay. The buttonhole stitch on my machine was playing  up so I did a faced oblong opening, just like when doing back of the bound buttonhole. I find it easier to stitch the button on before securing the end of the elastic. I took these clear buttons from a worn out pair of trousers and stitched them so that the stitches on the right side were hidden in the side seam of the waistband. You can see the stitches on the right side where I have secured the elastic but the thread match is good so it is not that noticeable. I secured the elastic at the centre back using a box stitch in the contrast topstitching thread.
inner wb finished

The topstitching on the centre front waistband isn’t perfect, I did think about unpicking and doing it again but know how temperamental topstitching can be I decided it was probably as good as it was going to get. I learnt so much when making the denim shirt that at least I’m not faffing around trying to get the tension right etc. and can just start stitching.

The fabric was from Ditto fabrics and has a little bit of stretch in it, not really necessary for this type of skirt but when I bought the fabric I didn’t really have a project in mind. In fact it only used 40cm out of the 1.5mts I bought so plenty left to make something for myself.


9 thoughts on “Junior A-Line Denim Skirt

  1. I haven’t seen buttonhole elastic before – but I’m suddenly considering the possibilities…

    Spots are super cute! The front panel reminds me of a pair of tracksuit bottoms I had as a kid. Mum generally sent me to school in a slightly alternative version of a school uniform, and I remember pockets like these with the most amazing paua shell buttons. 🙂 (Now I’m all nostalgic.)

    • The elastic is great, it’s a must for children’s waistbands.
      The spot fabric is actually the underlining for the half finished trench coat. At least it will now be worn in some form!

    • Thank you. I was taught using the Aldrich books, some people don’t rate her as much as some other authors. I also have the Helen Joseph Armstrong book but I always refer back to Winnie!

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