Hand Knitted Socks – Dad’s Christmas Present

dads socks (1620 x 2160)

I think out of the few pairs of socks I have knitted so far these have got to be my favourite. I just love the way the self patterning yarn has knitted up. It is Regia 4 ply ‘Mix it color’ which I bought from my local wool shop. The colour I have used is 09381 Lagune.

Really all the work to make these look good is done by the pattered yarn as these have just been knitted in stocking stitch with 12 rows of 1×1 rib at the top.

I made sure when starting the second sock that I began in the same colour point to ensure that they matched. I had to wind off about 5cm worth sock length to get to this point. My dad doesn’t have massive feet so I was sure I’d have enough but it got me thinking that if I was making to fit size 11 it could be quite possible I may not have enough. It’s a bit like pattern matching the drop for curtains – but without knowing how big the pattern match is when you start.

Pattern matching did make knitting the second sock easy, I didn’t have to do any measuring, I just followed the pattern from the first sock.

I only thought about making these about 10 days before Christmas so I was knitting at every opportunity. I was even up at 6.30am on a few days to get in half an hour before breakfast. I finished them on the 23rd but due to illness I didn’t get to see my parents until 5th January – I could have done two pairs…..


13 thoughts on “Hand Knitted Socks – Dad’s Christmas Present

  1. Beautiful socks, I bet your dad was mighty pleased with those. The pattern is amazing, I never would have guessed it was in the yarn, it looks like you have knitted a really complicated design!

    • Thank you. I keep thinking I should push myself and knit a more complicated pattern but when you can get this effect with plain stocking stitch why complicate things!

  2. Just catching up on things! These are lovely. The first time I heard about this yarn I didn’t believe it. So clever! Your tension is really good.

    • Thanks, I find it amazing how it knits up in such a regular pattern. I don’t have a pair of socks on the go at the moment, it feels odd not having any knitting while I watch the telly! I a working on a shirt but I think I’m going to give myself the night off.

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