Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans – KCW

top front (1620 x 2160)

From the 27th January to 2nd February it was Kids Clothes week. I didn’t think I was going to be organised enough to participate but the tag line “one hour a day for seven days” made me pull my finger out.
button-jan14I had wanted to make a pair of toddler trousers so when I saw the Titchy Threads Skinny Jeans pattern and also found that the age 2 was a free download I had no excuse. I ordered some navy corduroy from Calico Lane. They have 1st class post delivery so I knew it would be here in a day. For the pocket lining and inner waistband I used some quilting weight cotton I had in my stash.
cords wearing (1204 x 1884)

There is a sew-a-long to help with the construction which is very clear and easy to follow.  I did have some problems with the waistband. Firstly my belt loops, being corduroy, were a bit thick. They were made like folding binding so there were 4 layers. When I sewed them into the top edge of the waistband it was a bit lumpy. Next the buttonholes on the inner waistband for the elastic exits were a mess. My buttonhole stitch can always be guaranteed to mess up when I need it. I decided to take the whole band off and start again, which was made more difficult as I had top stitched the bottom edge.

I cut new pieces for the waistband and re-made the belt loops. This time for the loops I cut a 2cm strip and overlocked the long edges then folded in the edges into the centre, pressed and then edge stitched both sides to have a finished width of 1cm. Now I only had 2 layers of fabric which was much more flexible.

inner waistband (1426 x 1069)

I didn’t bother trying the buttonhole again and made self fabric faced openings for the buttonhole elastic to come out of. I didn’t sandwich the belt loops into the top of the waistband but attached them when I top stitched the waistband edge.

inner waistband 2 (2160 x 1620)

I did manage to get a decent buttonhole for the front opening and I finished it off with a jeans stud button.

pocket lining

pocket lining

The fit of the trousers is great. The back rise comes up far enough, especially as he is still wearing nappies. What I like about slim fitting trousers on toddlers is that you can see they actually have normal length legs, sometimes baggy trousers look like their legs finish around their knees. There is a bit of growing room in these trousers as I cut the length 2cm longer. This is a pattern I will definitely use again.

Here’s a link to my project page on KCW

titchy thread cords back (1620 x 2160)


8 thoughts on “Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans – KCW

  1. I love the Small Fry Skinny jeans… I was one of the lucky testers and I just love the pattern – they look so professional at the end! I also used corduroy! 🙂 Yours are gorgeous! I love the cotton you used in the inner waistband and pockets.

    • Thank you. The fit is really good, I tried to do my own jeans pattern last year coping a current pair and they were rubbish! I’ll definitely be making more and once he’s out grown the 2T I’ll be happy to pay for the full size range. Using the lightweight cotton for facings etc helps avoid unnecessary thickness. It’s something I’ve only just got into doing after seeing others finished garments.

    • Photos of the children can be a bit hit and miss! You need to take a lot to get one decent one. The back view whilst he was watching the telly was the easiest – favourite spot in the house!

  2. Those are super little trousers, very neat and I love the spotty facing with the navy cord. You are very patient, taking the band off and starting again, but the end result is certainly worth the trouble!

    • Unpicking the band wasn’t easy especially with it being top stitched.You could hardly see the thread on the corduroy. I was tempted to rip but resisted the urge as if I’d ripped the body of the trousers I’d be really hacked off!

    • You are right with the belt loops. Looking at the gap jeans I’m wearing edges are just folded in with a twin needle coverstitch to secure the sides and cover the raw edges.

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