Sewaholic Renfrew – first of many…..

I have made my first ever Sewaholic Renfrew top and I LOVE it!

renfrew top (1264 x 1646)

I’m so pleased with it I’ve included my head in the shot! This is after a day wearing to work, I think the cuffs could do with being a tiny bit narrower


I chose to make view A – scoop neck, with view C sleeves, 3/4 length. The navy jersey fabric is from and as mentioned in the previous post I thought it had white polka dots but actually they are light blue. It’s 95% cotton 5% spandex. It’s easy to work with an lovely to wear, so not bad for £9 per metre.

I made this from start to finish in one evening. I traced off the pattern pieces for the front, back and sleeves. When it came to the cuff and body hem bands I took measurements from the pattern pieces and drew straight onto the fabric.

The only change I made was I followed the rule of cutting the neck band 15% shorter than the opening. The actual pattern piece was slightly longer than this by 3cm. This worked perfectly first time and the band sits flat against my chest.

I cut the US size 4 for the chest and waist then tapered down to size 2 for the hips. I managed to get this out of 1mt of 150cm wide fabric.

This top took 3 hours to make. I’m using the triple stretch stitch with a ball point needle on the machine before neatening the seams with the overlocker which makes it a bit slow going. When I stitched the sleeve heads and put in the neck band I machine tacked in using the biggest standard stitch. I never want to unpick the triple stretch stitch again and this is my way of hopefully avoiding it.

I have to say this was one of the most satisfying evenings of sewing I’ve had in a long time. No stress and nothing going wrong!

I can see me making many more of these in the future, I love the cowl neck version but I think I’ll leave that to the autumn now.


13 thoughts on “Sewaholic Renfrew – first of many…..

    • I think I’ll do a short sleeve V neck for my next one and save the long sleeve cowl for the autumn. I can see this pattern getting used over and over again!

  1. It’s absolutely lovely! The Renfrew is my favourite pattern of all time, each one I have made has been a success, and I will be making them forever. I stitch mine with the overlocker, only reverting to the sewing machine for bits that can’t be done on it. I can whizz one up in a couple of hours, very satisfying!
    I love the blue on blue spots too, I might buy some of that myself, it’s a little more unusual than white on blue.

    • The tension dial for the 1st needle stitch on my overlocker seems to be broken so I can only use as a 3 thread at the moment. I can normally take machines into the local habby where they get picked up but I found out last weekend the guy who normally does it has disappeared off the face of the earth. I do have another number to try. I really like the quality of the fabric and would buy from My again.

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