Short Row Heel For Socks

It seemed there was no issue with knitting and flying and I successfully took my knitting from Manchester to Heathrow to Shanghai to Guanzhou to Hong Kong and back in my hand luggage. I was using bamboo needles which I suppose don’t show up on an x-ray, it could be different with steel needles.

Completed short row heel - ignore the dropped stitch! In real life these are much more purple than the photo shows.

Completed short row heel – ignore the dropped stitch!
In real life these are much more purple than the photo shows.

I was back on the Regia Mix It! Color for a self patterning look. I think I was wise to stick to a stocking stitch (plain) pattern as the dimmed lights of the plane and subsequent jet lag wouldn’t have been able to cope with any type of pattern.

This was the first time I had tried a short row heel. I used this tutorial from which I found really clear. There is a photo for each step.

I’ve only completed one sock so far and as this was the first time I’ve knitted this heel I can see room for improvement. The stitches at each end of the rows were a bit loopy so these areas of the finished heel look a bit loose. So on the second sock I need to tighten up a bit when I’m knitting. I couldn’t face unravelling the one I’d done and knitting again so I’m just going to put a sewing stitch in to close up a tiny hole.

You can see in the  photo there is a safety pin securing a dropped stitch, I only noticed this when I came to take the photo and I still need to secure it. Somehow I still managed to have the right amount of stitches when I came to start the heel. There were quite a lot of dropped stitches in this sock which I had to pick up, that’s what I get for knitting when tired.

I’m hoping I can pefect the short row heel method as I much prefer it to the heel flap and gusset method. I think it is quicker to knit and I don’t enjoy picking up the stitches along the sides of the heel flap.  As long as I can get sock 2 looking good I think this will be the way forward for me.


2 thoughts on “Short Row Heel For Socks

  1. Looking very nice so far Helen, this self striping yarn fascinates me!
    Did you manage to get any nice fabric whilst you were abroad?

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