A New Lease Of Life For Favouite Jeans

I have two pairs of jeans which I wear a lot. Both bought in January of last year. One pair of Levis and the others from Gap. I like dark jeans but after 16 months both pairs were looking really faded at the knee. Other than that they are still in good condition and fit really well. Jeans were the only item of clothing that I thought I could have problems with signing up to the Ready To Wear Fast. I know there are some out there who make really successful jeans but it’s not something I want to tackle but saying that I am curious about the Crafty ‘Jeanius’ course.

2014-05-12 19.12.40

faded Levis

So as I wouldn’t be buying any jeans this year I decided to dye the Levis back to a dark indigo colour.

I used the Dylon Jeans Blue dye and followed the instructions to use in the washing machine. I bought this from John Lewis for £6.75.

2014-05-12 19.15.04

household salt and Dylon Jeans Blue fabric dye

You can dye up to 600gms of fabric. My jeans weighed nearly 400gms so I decided just to do one pair and get a strong colour.

You need to add 500gm of normal salt in with the dye and wash on a 40 degree cycle. Then wash again using detergent. Remove from the machine and run the machine empty to clean. I also then used one of those washing machine cleaner packs just to be certain there was no residue left. Dylon do guarantee that the dye will not damage your machine.

The jeans have come out really indigo and they look great and no patches at the knees! With the orange thread being polyester it doesn’t take up the dye so you still have the contrast topstitch. One note is that the colour is darker than is shown on the packet. I think that if I had dyed both pairs at the same time the colour would have been lighter as the total weight would have been over 600gm.

dyed jeans

dyed jeans

The rubber seal of my machine does seem to have taken up dye but it is an old machine and I’m not too bothered. A friend tried this after I told them about it and their machine was fine.

stained rubber seal - never mind!

stained rubber seal – never mind!

Now I’ve done this once it’s something I will definitely do again.



9 thoughts on “A New Lease Of Life For Favouite Jeans

  1. Looks great! I’ve always been too terrified to try it in the washing machine, although I’ve used a pot on a stove. I have a whole bundle of black things I think I’d like to dye…

    • Give it a go! My machine is 9 years old and I think the seal is a bit battered (does it’s job ok) and maybe has scratches etc which have picked up colour.

  2. They look great! I use the Dylon machine dyes for all sorts of things. My husband wears black jeans every day, and those perk up really well with the black Dylon. Have also done towels very successfully. As you say, you just need to be mindful that the stitching is usually polyester, so doesn’t change colour.

    • I’m really pleased with them. The pale knee patches were annoying me. Because it’s not actually the knee, it’s the bit under the knee what was fading (all that messing around on the floor with young children) my already short legs were looking shorter as my knees looked about 6 inches off the ground!

    • I did mean to treat these with a little more care since dyeing but I’ve been down on the floor playing trains / cars and cleaning the bathroom……

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