Me Made May 14 – completed!

It’s the 31st May and I am pleased to say that for the last 31 days I have worn at least one ‘me-made’ item a day. I did start taking a photo everyday but there was a lot of repetition and frankly they were a bit boring.

Looking at the picture my me-made wardrobe seems quite limited. I do have a couple of dresses and a couple of blouses but they seemed ‘too dressy’ for everyday wear. I’m so glad I sorted out the Liberty jersey skirt, this got a few wears with the black Maria of Denmark Kimono tee.

all the items worn during May - only picture missing is of a black tee which I hadn't taken a photo of

all the items worn during May – only picture missing is of a black tee which I hadn’t taken a photo of

From top left
Socks Denim Shirt Burdastyle 7136 – Liberty Jersey SkirtSewaholic Renfrew top –  Maria of Denmark Kimono tee in greyChecked shirt Burdastyle 7136 – Denim dress Butterick B5600 – PJ bottoms –  Hermione’s everyday socksMaria of Denmark Kimono tee in redtartan shirt Burdastyle 7136

This month has shown up some gaps in my wardrobe. Mainly skirts and dresses. My next 3 projects are already planned and fabric has been bought for a denim skirt, a Kitschy Coo skater dress and a dress that I’m not quite sure what it will look like yet.

If you were taking part, how did you do?



8 thoughts on “Me Made May 14 – completed!

  1. You did well Helen! I managed approx 3 days a week, sometimes 4, but lots of repeats.
    Like you, I gave up on the photos, since I rarely have a photographer and those selfies were dire!
    I realised I have a lot of me mades that I am unhappy with for various reasons and can’t / won’t wear, so those need weeding out. My most worn (and repeated) items are simple jersey knit tops.
    Perhaps next year I will be able to complete the month.

    • This year was my first and it’s shown me what I need to add to make a really me made wardrobe. Same here, simple knit tops are really the staple.

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