Kitschy Coo Girl Skater Dress

This Kitschy Coo girl skater dress was cut out for Kids Clothes Week starting 9th April. It was never going to happen as I was away from the 8th for two weeks and it has been waiting to be sewn up since then. This is the second girl skater I have made, the first girl skater dress I made for KCW last October gets lots of wear. This time I chose the short sleeve version for summer.  One change I made was to give the front neck a deeper scoop. I also thought a lower neck would help with working out which was the front when putting it on – but it still gets put on back to front! I need to add a tag at the back.

Kitschy Coo Girl Skater Dress

Kitschy Coo Girl Skater Dress

My daughter who is 6 ½  has only grown upwards in the last 8 months so I cut the same as last time, size 5-6 for the width and 7-8 for the length.

I find the neck band the most challenging part of sewing knits but I’m getting better, I only had to unpick a small section of this one. I also machine tack it in first before sewing with the stretch stitch. For the neck band I didn’t use the pattern but followed -15% rule I picked up when I made my first tee from Maria of Denmark. Also I sew it on the round rather than leaving one shoulder open.

reasonably successful neck band....

reasonably successful neck band….

I have also just bought a Teflon foot for my machine, amazon £3.55. I use clear elastic for stabilising the shoulder seams and have varying degrees of success when stitching it in. I found the Teflon foot did help and prevented drag and for what it cost was worth it.

I finished the skirt hem with a twin needle. I’m finding this method a bit hit and miss. The finished hem is looking ok on this dress but I find getting the tension right is difficult.

The seam allowances are finished with a zig-zag and trimmed. I was a bit lazy and didn’t get the overlocker out. My machine is still only working as a 3 thread and I really need to get it fixed as it would make sewing up knitted garments so much quicker.

The red and pink polka dot fabric was from 95% cotton 5% spandex £9.00 per metre. It’s the same quality that I made this Renfrew top from and I bought it at the same time. I haven’t been impressed with the way the navy fabric has washed. It only took a few washes before it started to look faded. But then I have been washing it at 40 rather than the recommended 30 so I’ll take a bit more care with this dress.

The dress has been a hit and it has been likened to a strawberry which we took as a compliment 🙂

It does have a bit of a strawberry look about it!

It does have a bit of a strawberry look about it!



10 thoughts on “Kitschy Coo Girl Skater Dress

  1. It’s a lovely dress Helen, and I also think it looks like a strawberry – she just needs a little green hat with a stalk!
    After you mentioned your navy fabric was fading, I’ve been washing my turquoise floral print with gentle detergent for woollies, and on the delicate cycle. I use those colour catcher things, so I can see that it is still losing some colour with each wash, but hopefully not too much, as it was the vibrant shades that caught my eye in the first place,

    • I’ve washed the dress a couple of times now on 30 and inside out. It’s a bit disappointing when fabric fades so quickly. Trying to find reasonable priced good quality knits is difficult. The fabric for the first skater dress I made her is fine but at £18 per metre it was twice the price.

  2. Your neckline looks perfect from here:) I think it’d be worth the effort of repairing your overlocker. I bought a new one last year, my old one was over 15yrs old !! And I’ve already gotten my moneys worth from it. I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner !

    • I’ve been lazy with arranging to fix as in the past I’ve been able to walk down to the local habby shop and it’s been picked up from there but they don’t offer this service anymore. I have somewhere else to call and plan to get it done whilst were on holiday. It’s nearly 25 years old so it has done well.

  3. Does indeed look cute! You can tell she’s grown a lot between posts….
    Neckline looks good. When in doubt, go and inspect some commercial garments to remind yourself that yours are better even when they aren’t as perfect as you want. 🙂

    • She’s 4’2″ now at 6 1/2, I’m only 5’3″ – she’s catching me up and I bet she’ll be taller than be by the time she’s 10. I’m happy with the neck line, my best so far. I always machine tack in first so any areas can be unpicked easily.

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