Cotton Bird Print Blouse, Burdastyle 7136

My autumn sewing plans got off to a slow start. The first item was going to be a denim skirt but the first draft of the pattern didn’t fit and I lost my enthusiasm to start again. It failed because I thought I could take a short cut……anyway, I moved on to the bird print cotton fabric to make up Burdastyle 7136. It’s a slightly slimmed down version of the pattern as the fit was great for a denim shirt I made but I also wanted a tighter fitting version.

birds not bats!

birds not bats!

The fabric was from Leon’s in Chorlton at £5.95 a metre, 100% cotton. I only bought 1.70mts and at 112cm wide it was a bit tight on the laying out. I had to use a plain white lawn for the inner yoke. Actually it was necessary as the print would have been visible through the outer yoke. One change I have made to the pattern is using a separate added on piece for the top front placket rather than just folding it back. I think this is a much better look.

My mood went up and down whilst making this. Firstly I thought it was beginning to look like a corporate uniform, the type of thing they wear down at the bank. Then the birds started to look more like bats.

The first time I attached the collar I thought I looked like Harry Hill. I took it off, having to re-cut the collar stand pieces, and trimmed the bottom edge of the collar taking 1.5cm off at the outer edges. If I had more fabric I would have re-made the collar and re-shaped the leaf edge towards the points. I need to remember to adjust the pattern permanently.

collar (2160 x 1620)

I then had a look at the Boden website to compare my shirt collar to RTW. I realised that actually my collar looks fine but what I needed in my life was a bright coloured skirt to wear with it. Nothing fancy, simple A line in Ponte Roma (Boden seem to use a lot of Ponte Roma). So the planned denim skirt is getting moved down the list of things to make.

I still wasn’t sure about it when I had finished I also felt that it looks ok with coloured trousers but not so great with dark jeans. I was out on Friday night and thought I’d go for it and see how it felt. I wore it with a light denim skirt I made early in the summer. This worked. I also rolled the sleeves up slightly. I was also able to say confidently ‘I made it’ when it got a compliment.

I was happy with the make up except for the collar stand. It looks Ok now it’s finished but I need to improve my technique here. I find getting a symmetrical shape at the front curves tricky. I flat felled the underarm and sleeve seams and I’m super fast at cuff plackets now.

cuff placket (1620 x 2160)

I didn’t have enough buttons for the cuff placket but I found that when I rolled the sleeves up they were a bit too loose so I’ve ordered some more.

I’ve previously used this slimmed down 7136 on these two checked shirts, here and here.

So, they are birds and not bats and I don’t look like I should be asking you to open a new current account.
One thing is that it is a bit of a b*gger to iron.


Dolly Couture! Barbie Gets A New Outfit

My daughter has been asking me for ages to make her dollies some new clothes and I have been putting it off as I couldn’t face doing something so fiddly. She reminded me that one of the contestants in this years Sewing Bee  (Tamara) made dolls clothes for her children so I was beginning to feel a bit mean spirited.

2014-09-07 16.36.48

I used some of the John Lewis Lucienne Day fabric that I had left over from the capped sleeve dress.

Barbie’s figure posed some problems, her waist is far too narrow and she’s quite chesty.

2014-09-07 16.38.11

The skirt is just a rectangle which has elastic zig zagged to the top edge. It’s a  bit loose around the waist as it was impossible for me to get the elastic tight enough and still fit over her hips. The top started off as a rectangle with a back opening. I added darts to the side seam and back sections and a dart at the top of each bust to get the shaping.  I closed the back with a strip of iron on Velcro trimmed down a narrow width.

2014-09-07 16.36.35

I’m quite impressed with my efforts.

Whilst at the machine my daughter said to me “I thought you said you couldn’t make dolls clothes?”
And now I’ve done it once I’m sure she’ll have lots more plans.

The original design brief for the dress

The original design brief for the dress