Christmas Present Socks

These were my last make of 2014. A  pair of socks as a Christmas present for my other half.
They are knitted in Regia Mix It Color with the toe,heel and cuff using West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply. I did have to buy a 100gm ball for this as the local yarn shop doesn’t sell smaller balls of sock yarn but anyway it’ll do for either a smaller pair of socks or more contrast areas.

Self patterning yarn with contrast heel and toe

Self patterning yarn with contrast heel and toe

These were knitted cuff down with a 1 x 1 rib for 12 rows then stocking stitch. I’ve used the short row heel, which is my heel of choice now. Then finishing off the toe with the Kitchener stitch.

As these were a present I had to do them in secret. I got most of them done when I was away on a business trip for a week. I had a the joy of there and back 12 1/2 hour flights, the return leg was a day flight so whilst I watched in flight films I managed to knit most of the second sock.

They were opened on Christmas morning and much appreciated!  🙂




11 thoughts on “Christmas Present Socks

  1. These are beautifully knitted socks and a great effect with the wool and contrast heel and toe. Do you use dpns, circular or magic loop? I’m halfway through my first sock with dpns.

    • I use DPNs, this is the only way I have knitted socks, I find you do have to be careful not to get a ‘ladder’ between the stitch at the end of one needle / beginning of the next. So keep these stitches tight. I suppose a circular needle would avoid this but I think you’d need to use stitch markers? I separate my stitches so I have 1st needle top of foot 30 stitches, 2nd and 3rd needle sole foot 15 each (for me when knitting 60 stitches). So I avoid having to use stitch markers as I always know where I am. When I come to knit the heel this swaps so the heel 30 stitches are on one needle. Looking forward to seeing your first pair!

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