Hemingway Designs & Lucienne Day Cotton Prints – Fabric Bargains To Be Had!

It was early last year when I first spotted the Hemingway Designs cotton fabric in John Lewis. I fell in love with the colours and retro prints. But at £20 a metre it was a lot to spend. I eventually bought some Lucienne Day print fabric which delved into the John Lewis design archives to celebrate their 150 year anniversary. This was a real treat at £22 per metre and with which I made this summer dress.

I popped into the John Lewis Cheadle branch this weekend and the fabrics are now on sale.

Just before Christmas I noticed at the Trafford Centre store, the Hemingway Designs had been reduced to £10 and they are now reduced again to £5 per metre. The Lucienne Day fabrics were £5.50 per metre.

I just had to buy some; I couldn’t let this opportunity pass!

Hemingway Design Cotton Prints, £5 per metre Whoo Hoo!

Hemingway Design Cotton Prints, £5 per metre Whoo Hoo!

I bought 5 metres of Hemingway fabric, 2 each of the red and pink and 1 of the blue. I’m not sure yet what to make but it is 140cm wide so I’ve got a few options 🙂

If Retro prints are your thing and you live near a John Lewis store pop in and add to your stash!


15 thoughts on “Hemingway Designs & Lucienne Day Cotton Prints – Fabric Bargains To Be Had!

  1. Oh gosh, as if any of us need any encouragement to stash. 🙂
    (Go you, that was some good luck)

    PS. Have you considered justifying further spending on the grounds that this currently represents both your hobby allowance and your clothing allowance combined what with the RTW challenge and all…?

    • It took me a while to decide what prints to go for…maybe I should have bought more?? But for £25 worth of fabric I’ll get at least 3 garments out of it. If it’s still there the next time I’m passing……

  2. I think you were very restrained. It’s good to read a blog that talks about places I know. I’ll be driving past the Trafford centre on Thursday my indicator might just start flashing

    • I bought mine at the Cheadle branch but as I said in the post Trafford Centre had reduced to £10 before Christmas so I’m sure they will have discounted again. They’ve recently increased the dress fabric offering at the Trafford Centre store, which had previously always been a bit of a disappointment. Good luck when you go!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I went to the Southampton branch yesterday and picked up 5 lovely fabrics. Hadn’t realised they had so many other fabrics on sale at the moment. Now just need to find the time to sew them up.

  4. Sorry Meg – the price of £3 is for a fat quarter – a metre from this company would be £12. I must say I was quite tempted to rush out to John Lewis as I love when retro designs are reproduced. But I don’t actually have any space in my cupboard…

    • Oh no, what a shame. It must have been wishful thinking distorting my ability to read the small print :o) Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding.

      I too deliberated for a while before going to John Lewis because of a ‘no more fabric till the stash is dramatically reduced’ policy. But glad now that I did.

      I just cliked on your link to go to your blog – what a lovely jacket you’ve just made. Beautiful lining!

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