February’s Challenge (maybe too much of a challenge for me?…)

February’s Sewing / Design and Inspiration Challenge over at ‘short stories of shapely seams’ was about exploring silhouettes and my take on it was to try a silhouette that I don’t normally wear

When it comes to dresses I normally go for waisted styles buy I had seen a really great denim shift dress which was quite boxy that I wanted to try.

I had been inspired by the Camber dress made by Laura at ‘behind the hedgerow’. Laura had taken this pattern and added a horizontal seam to include the front pockets and I really liked the use of the Liberty print facings and pocket bags.

The Merchant & Mills Camber dress pattern does have some waist shaping but it’s still a dress you can pull on without any fastening.

I drafted my own pattern and made up a basic toile with the intention of adding style lines once I was happy with the fit. But this is where I stopped. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it and I found myself thinking – need to make it slimmer here and add shaping here – which would have necessitated fastenings to get into, so it was taking me away from the original plan.

An artist's impression of what I had in mind for the denim shift dress

An artist’s impression of what I had in mind for the denim shift dress

So I put it to one side for a few days which has now turned into the rest of February and distracted myself by casting on for a pair of socks and making a Renfrew top.

I don’t feel I’ve been very successful with this challenge but it did get me thinking and trying out a new shape for myself. I can picture the dress I want to make quite clearly so hopefully I’ll get the urge to  pick it up again.




7 thoughts on “February’s Challenge (maybe too much of a challenge for me?…)

  1. Sounds like you’ve made a good start. Sometimes we need to leave projects (especially new ventures) for a while before we are ready to finish them. I’m sure if you can visualise it, you’ll get there in the end.

    • Yes, it did get me thinking. I’ve parked it for now and have started on the Jeanius course and I’m going try and not put myself under any pressure racing to get them done.

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