A Stripy Sewaholic Cowl Neck Renfrew

When I was procrastinating over the shift dress I was planning, I needed a quick and easy make for distraction. I made up a long sleeved Sewaholic Renfrew with the cowl neck.  Back in the Autumn I’d made this version for the first time using black wool jersey.

I’m always on the lookout for good quality single jersey in knitted stripes – yarn dyed rather than printed. This fabric is 95% viscose 5% elastane. I had seen similar fabric on e-Bay but wasn’t sure what to expect as I usually go for cotton single jersey. When I saw this fabric in Leon’s in Chorlton for £4.99 a metre I thought I’d give it a go. It has a lovely slightly slinky hand feel and sews up just fine. I cut this top out one evening then stitched it up the next.

Sewaholic Cowl Neck Renfew in Viscose / Elastane

Sewaholic Cowl Neck Renfew in Viscose / Elastane

I used the 4 thread overlocker for everything except for stitching in the clear elastic at the shoulder seams and the zig-zag top stitching around the cowl neck.

As with the other times I’ve used the cowl neck pattern, I cut the whole cowl in one piece without the seam at the fold line.

There’s not too much to say about this top except that in the few weeks since it’s been made I’ve probably worn it the most out any other garment. It goes really well with the dark red ponte skirt I made last November. When I finished that skirt I wasn’t quite sure about it but that has also had so much wear but the cheap quality of the fabric is beginning to show and it’s looking quite bobbly.

March is going to be spent working on jeans. I’m getting into the Craftsy Jeanius course and the pattern has been made and toile sewn up. So far so good, and the denim arrived today and has already had a pre-wash. Let’s hope I can keep up the enthusiasm.



12 thoughts on “A Stripy Sewaholic Cowl Neck Renfrew

    • I really love the Renfrew pattern, especially with the cowl neck.
      As for the jeans – the muslin turned out ok – only issue is that the denim has 3% spandex and the toile fabric none so it’s not so clear cut if I do need to make bigger or if the spandex will deal with it.

  1. It looks like a nice classic style, with a good fit. I like black and grey stripes very much and find they go with a lot of things. And good for you going for jeans. I have never made any finding them a bit intimidating. I will be interested to read of your progress.

    • It is a really versatile top and the only adjustment I need to make to the pattern is to shorten the sleeves.
      I’ve also been intimidated by the jeans, I bought the Craftsy course back in November. I’m taking it slow and trying not to rush.

  2. Looks great, it’s easy to why why everyone loves the Renfrew pattern. Good idea about cutting the cowl in one piece (I’ve just reread about your black one). I should imagine it drapes better.
    BTW I’m arranging a bloggers meet up for the 8th April in Dewsbury. I’ve never been to one never mind organised one! I’ve not posted details on my blog yet but look out for it if you’re interested. happy sewing & good luck with the jeans, Ali ✂️

    • There is a slight bit of shaping in the top edge of the cowl which when you cut it on the fold like I have you lose but it’s so slight I can’t see it makes any difference.
      Unfortunately I’ll be at work on the 8th, thanks for asking.

  3. Lovely! I fancy making another one myself, it’s such an easy and satisfying project.
    A shame you can’t come to the Dewsbury meeting, perhaps another time?

    • Sometimes you just need something quick to make that you know will be a success. I’m sure I’ll read about the meet up, hopefully I’ll be able to join another time.

  4. Looks good. 🙂 I was thinking of making some new long sleeve shirts myself recently, but now I’ve decided I am ready for spring (regardless of whether it’s here or not).

    I’ve been pondering jeans myself. Does the class include drafting or a pattern or are you using a commercial one?

    • The class shows you how to take a copy of your own jeans by thread tracing the seams and transferring on to organza then on to paper, and if you using a pair that fit you well and you are accurate there shouldn’t be any serious fitting issues. I had to make a couple of adjustments to my toile and have now cut out the real ones and ready to start sewing up this week 🙂

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