Jeans – Completed!

So I’ve made my own jeans and I’m really chuffed!

The rivets arrived from in the US last Friday. I had been waiting eagerly for them and kept being disappointed by the postman then on Friday morning I heard a packet ‘clunk’ to the floor and I knew it must be them.

Woohoo! First ever pair of home made jeans

Woohoo! First ever pair of home made jeans (photo taken in the mirror, the coin pocket is really on the right hand side).

I followed the instructions from Fehr Trade on how to insert. I cut the prong of the male half down once I had put through the fabric using wire cutters. I first tried to cut down first then push through the fabric but soon realised without the point that wasn’t going to work…. Anyway, once in just banged a few times with the hammer and all worked fine! No stress.

I can’t recommend the Craftsy Jeanius course enough. I just wasn’t expecting it to be such a success.  I followed it to the letter mostly but I chose to sew my inside leg seams first and topstitch them rather than sewing the outer leg seams first.

There’s no mention of felled seams in the course. I was going to flat fell the back yoke and the front and back rises just like the jeans I was copying but in the end I just overlocked.

Next time I’ll make a two piece curved waistband, my body shape needs more of a curve than I achieved curving the straight band with the iron. The original jeans don’t need to be worn with a belt but these do.

I didn’t do any distressing on this pair, there are things you can do using sandpaper for an authentic look, so I’ll just see how these wear down over time. I really liked this post from Taylor Tailor showing his jeans new then 3 years on.

I am really proud of these jeans. There are areas which I can improve on for next time, the fly looks OK when zipped but inside the flap isn’t wide enough so the button is placed quite close to the edge of the waistband.

jeans wearing 2

I also think they are a tiny bit short.  I’m wearing today with ballet flats and the length is just right but wearing with Converse I think they could have been longer. I think there is more fabric in the double fold hem than there needs to be so I could probably eek another ½ “ out of the length.  I’ll wait and see how I feel after a few more wears.

The fabric, cotton with 3% lycra, is super comfy. I wore them today riding my bike to work and they felt great.

I really didn’t think I’d get around to making jeans, they seemed like such hard work with too much that could go wrong but I’m so glad I made the effort.

So if you’ve been thinking about it just take plunge!


27 thoughts on “Jeans – Completed!

    • Thanks! It was nearly 3 weeks from ordering the rivets until they arrived. The owner of cast bullet was out of town so couldn’t post until a week after I had ordered. I was amazed at my patience and not wearing them until properly finished.

  1. Wow! they are super cool! I am really tempted, I’ve even bought and downloaded the ginger jeans pattern that everyone’s making. Since I stopped fasting in January I have bought 2 pairs of jeans that fit well and although I’ve not signed up to this years fast I am still trying to make everything. So, with that in mind I’ve pushed jeans down the queue a bit.
    I think it’s a good idea not to distress them, especially after having looked at the link you put amazing do his old jeans look!
    You need to put a 3 year reminder on your phone to show us your jeans!! lol

    • When you’re ready for a new pair give it a go. I think they appear harder than they are. The top stitching is the killer! There are some that have two machines set up to avoid changing the thread and tension.

      • That’s a good idea. I’ve recently bought a new machine but still got my old Janome, so could topstitch on my new one as that tends to be neater and more reliable. Thanks for the tip!

  2. They look great! Everything so neat! I like the cotton Lycra mix too. It’s so comfortable. I notice you said “next time”. It’s just like a bug you catch isn’t it! I made two pairs and I still want to do it again… next time with slim legs like your’s. The look good on you!

  3. Well done Helen. They look really great.

    You do have so much patience. To take the plunge in the first place, then to wait so long for the rivets.

    Now you’ll be making them in all sorts of fabrics. The sky’s the limit!

    Denise 🙂

    • Thanks Denise, I did have a packet of ‘Hemline’ rivets which I could have used but they’re not as good so I held off. Also now I’ve mastered the fly zip I will no longer be put off making trousers!

  4. They look great now, riveting in fact. Thank you for sharing the Taylor Tailor pictures – they made me want some so much. Also I so agree that doing something more than once is partly about correcting all the mistakes we make the first time – reincarnation!

    • I found the Taylor Tailor site when I was looking in to attaching rivets. His photos are great and it’s great to read a sewing blog written by a man.

    • I think take them step by step, which is easy to do with the craftsy course the way it is set up. I’m glad I now know how to do a fly zipper as it’s been something I’ve been putting off for a while. Hopefully we’ll get to see your finished jeans soon, good luck!

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