Bike Bloomers

I only started cycling to work last September and even though I regularly cycle in skirts I’ve been wearing thick tights through the winter so there’s been no need to worrying about flashing my thighs.

Reading the cycling and sewing blog ‘tinlizzyridesagain’ I came across ‘bikie girl bloomers’. With the  RTW Fast I wouldn’t be buying any but I could easily make my own.

bike bloomers with a stretch lace trim

bike bloomers with a stretch lace trim

I bought a remnant of single jersey from Abakhan. I’m not sure of the exact fibre content, but I think cotton with lycra, it’s quite stretchy and you can see the lycra fibre when cutting out. It’s a nice weight with a slightly brushed face. In fact all the components are remnants I picked up in Abakhan, the waistband elastic was a cut piece, just the right size and the stretch lace was sold in small cut lengths. The remnant fabric is sold by weight and the single jersey was £2.99 and I only used half as there was enough for these and a tee shirt, the lace remnant was 30p for 2mts and the elastic 30p. So all materials for less than £2.50.

racks of remnants to be sold by weight at Abakan's on Manchester's Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter

racks of remnants to be sold by weight at Abakhan’s on Manchester’s Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter

For the pattern I used a pair of running leggings as a guide. They don’t get much any use now and are slightly too small so I added a bit of width at the hip, waist and thigh.

They were quick to sew up using the 4 thread overlocker, well once I’d got the tension for the needle thread correct it was quick. I used a zig zag stitch to attach the stretch lace around the leg openings tried them on and they looked terrible because with the lace being quite deep I hadn’t thought about it needing to be tapered. Anyway, it was a quick fix and I tapered both the outside and inside leg seams so they fit the leg snuggly.

Last week we had some good weather but as these hadn’t be sewn up I wore footless tights under my dress but since they’ve been finished the weather has turned cold again and I’ve worn jeans all week 😦
Anyway we’ve got the whole summer ahead of us.


13 thoughts on “Bike Bloomers

    • Most cyclist I pass (or pass me) on the way to and from work are usually lycra’d up but I’m determined to stick to my normal day wear. Just waiting for the weather to warm up – it’s like we’ve gone back to early March here 😦

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