They’re Not Quite Working Out As Planned…..Time To Admit Defeat

My plan to make a pair of bicycling trousers inspired by the Outlier ‘daily riding pant’ has not worked out as planned. I knew that these trousers were going to be a bit of an experiment so I’m not too downhearted.

Blue trousers at the stage where I decided not to take them any further!

Blue trousers at the stage where I decided not to take them any further!

I was hoping to look like this…. (once I’d also grown another 8″)

But they were just not working. The softshell fabric is not quite right, it’s very stretchy but doesn’t actually have any spandex in and also slightly thick. And it rustles. Things seemed to be going all right but there was too much horizontal wrinkling at the back of the knees. I put them on inside out and pinned the legs and I felt I’d made some improvement but then decided that even if I got the fit right they would still ‘rustle’ when I walked which was no good.

hmm - not quite going to plan

hmm – not quite going to plan

The left leg has been pinned and looked better but no enough to carry on and there was still the rustling issue.

The left leg has been pinned and looked better but no enough to carry on and there was still the rustling issue.

I was also never quite convinced about the colour. There’s not much to choose from, black, navy, grey or royal and I was determined to go bright and I think I was just willing myself to like it.

But there have been positives! The pattern alteration to the back waist is now a perfect fit for when I make my next pair of jeans and the fly zipper insertion was a good effort, especially as this fabric doesn’t like to be pressed.

You win some, you loose some….I’ve moved on to the A line khaki Marc Jacobs skirt which is so far so good but I’m taking my time so as to avoid another dud 😦
(I don’t seem to be able to link to the website to show you the skirt without my lap top freezing but you’ll find a picture in the previous post).


10 thoughts on “They’re Not Quite Working Out As Planned…..Time To Admit Defeat

  1. Noisy fabric is such a pain -there’s really no getting past it! They look such a good fit though so that’s a plus. Looking forward to seeing your skirt – I love the casual look of it with the utility pockets.

    • The fabric wasn’t quite right, there’s a reason why to buy these type of trouser they cost $198. I don’t like leaving a project unfinished but I don’t want to rustle every time I walk!

  2. I had a look at the link to the trousers, there one expensive pair of pants! What pattern are you using? I wonder if there’s a pattern out their for horse riding jodhpurs that might be more suitable, and get stretch and room in better places?

    • I used the pattern for the jeans I recently made but slimmed down the lower leg to make them a bit more ‘skinny’. The jeans pattern should be fine, the issue is the fabric. The fabric I used was £7.99 a metre but looking at Schoeller soft shell fabric it is 48 euros a metre. I’m sure it’ll have more of a drape and the appearance of a more regular fabric but still with all the technical properties. Anyway, you live and learn!

  3. Great that you can be so sanguine about a wadder; I’d be sobbing into my wineglass after all that hard work but, as you say, onwards and upwards!

    • They’re folded up in a corner at the moment and will probably stay in the same place collecting dust for the next 6 months…. but I’m mastering the fly zipper so that’s a plus point!

  4. Personally I love the colour and I think you have managed to get a pretty good fit. But the inspiration model is just too beautiful with her infinity legs. Trouser making is challenging so congratulations for your persistence and learning more techniques – but I agree the feel of the garment is almost as important as the look. And it is not always possible to get fabrics like the RTW products is it. I appreciate your honesty. I don’t really like to post about the failures, although I learn more from these posts than the “oh wow, that is fantastic!” stuff. Thank you Helen.

    • There are quite a few sites with technical fabrics but you can’t get everything. Especially branded fabrics or you do find them they can be quite expensive.
      I’m glad to say I don’t have many failures or UFOs luckily but it is an inevitable part of the sewing process – not everything works out. My half finished Sewaholic Robson Trench coat still haunts me as it lingers at the bottom of my sewing cupboard!

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