Denim A Line Skirt

I started the autumn sewing off with something quick and easy. I had planned to make another soft pleat denim skirt but I found I really like the shape of the A line utility skirt I made in the summer.

Denim A line skirt

Denim A line skirt

I had a piece of denim which I’d bought earlier in the year but there was only 80cm of 150cm wide fabric. I took the pattern I’d used for the utility skirt and re-traced it, making it shorter and re-shaping the side hand pockets. Out of the fabric I had I managed to get a skirt length that would sit just above the knee.

The pattern is a 4 gored skirt taken from the Winifred Aldrich pattern cutting book and just with the utility skirt it was important to be able to cut it out with the straight grain central in the panel. Having the grain line up the centre of the panel gives the skirt a better drape than if the straight grain was at the centre front / back.

Winifred Aldrich 4 gored skirt pattern

Winifred Aldrich 4 gored skirt pattern

It was straight forward to sew up and has a zipper in the centre back seam. I top stitched the front and back seams either side of the seam line. For topstitching I use the Gutermann extra strong thread, rather than the topstitching thread, along with normal sewing thread in the bobbin. I find that this works well for me (not so many tangles and frustration) and gives the same appearance. It’s also a plus that it comes in 100mt reels rather than the 30mts for the topstitch thread. It also works out cheaper than the topstitch thread.

Topstitching detail on A line denim skirt

Topstitching detail on A line denim skirt

I used bias binding for the hem, I really like this method as it eliminates having to deal with any excess fabric there maybe when you turn up an A line skirt. The photo below is from the skirt I made earlier this year. I attach the binding and stitch using a long stitch and contrast thread from the wrong side. The I stitch from the right side in the correct thread using the first line of stitching as a guide.

Wide bias binding at hem

Wide bias binding at hem

This has had a lot of wear over the last few weeks, so a successful start to autumn sewing.


14 thoughts on “Denim A Line Skirt

  1. Your skirt is perfect! Mind you, I thought your green one couldn’t be beat. 😊

    I’ve got a question, though. Which Winifred Aldrich book are you referring to? Amazon seems to list a number of books that could have a women’s 4-gore skirt block.




  2. Love the shape of this skirt Helen. Have you seen the Hollyburn pattern from sewaholic? I have been admiring it,but I think your skirt is the same shape. Maybe I need to take out my Aldrich book and draft one!

  3. Well drafted and constructed. I love the tip about the hem and the use of contrasting thread inside. I use the same thread for topstitching for the same reasons. You look really lovely in this skirt Helen.

    • Thank you. I first time I used binding at the hem was out of necessary as I’d planned to do a self faced hem but didn’t have enough fabric. Stitching the hem from the wrong side in contrast thread is adding another step to the process but in the past I’ve tried to stitch from the right side and ended up not catching parts of the hem then having to unpick – so in the long run it works out quicker!

  4. Hi Helen,
    Are you struggles with top stitching thread down to the needle? I find that being so thick it needs a bigger eye. Your skirt looks immaculate as always. 🙂

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