Nativity Costume

 My 4 year old son’s Reception class staged their Nativity play last week. Last year for carols he was a shepherd, quite easy to knock up with an old tee-shirt, scarf and tea towel on the head. This year he had the very important role of a soldier who has to tell Mary and Joseph that they had to go back to Bethlehem to be counted.

2015-12-13 16.22.05

Roman armour and helmet after spraying with bronze metallic spray paint

So a Roman soldier outfit was needed. I started with using a white tee shirt then made a white skirt, which I couldn’t call a skirt just in case he wouldn’t put it on so we referred to it as the ’tunic bottom’.

The armour was two pieces of cardboard held together at the shoulder with paper pins and tied together at the sides with elastic. The cape was a piece of red knit which I just overlocked the edges and attached to the armour with self-adhesive Velcro.

2015-12-08 19.31.44 (1)

Dress rehearsal at home before the bronze spray had arrived.

The sword was a cardboard shape with silver foil for the blade. The wrist bands were cut from the inner tube of kitchen roll.
For the helmet I googled ‘cardboard roman helmet’ and came up with this fantastic template.

I cut it out in cardboard then fixed it together with paper pins. The paper pins were great as they had the look of studs.

For the finishing touch I ordered some bronze metallic spray from eBay. It nearly didn’t arrive in time and had to get the costume back after the dress rehearsal to apply it.

I know I’m biased but his costume was the best on show!

There has been more sewing this month. I’m currently working on a pair of Thread Theory Jutland pants for my husband. This is my first attempt at menswear. So far so good. I’ll post finished photos in the New Year.

Gingham pocket bags on the Jutland Pants

Gingham pocket bags on the Jutland Pants

Happy Christmas and many thanks for reading in 2015.