Pauline Alice Carme Blouse

Sewing in 2016 didn’t really start until 1st February for me. Not being on a ready to wear fast meant I’m not putting myself under pressure to get things made. It’s not like I’ve gone crazy since packing it in, I bought two tops back in October and since then 2 pairs of M&S pyjamas. I had cut out a pair of black jeans in January but put them on hold as I didn’t have quite the right topstitching thread. So whilst waiting for thread to arrive I moved on to making a top. I had a piece of floral printed viscose that I bought a year ago to make a pussy bow blouse but wasn’t too sure of the fabric and I had only worn the pussy bow blouse I’d previously made twice before so did I need another one?

carme blouse

I browsed all the patterns on the Backstitch website and found the Pauline Alice Carme Blouse. I hadn’t heard of this pattern company before. I was attracted to the pin tucks on the front yoke. I was still planning to use up the viscose but I then had a chance to visit Leon’s Fabrics in Chorlton and bought two pieces of lightweight cotton, lighter than quilting weight but not quite lawn. Both are by Rose and Hubble which I remember as being quite an expensive brand when I was younger. Both were reasonably priced at £4.95 a metre. At the same time I bought some orange and grey marl striped jersey, again £4.95 which I plan to make up in to a cowl neck Renfrew, just like this black and grey one.

2016-02-09 21.05.45

Pauline Alice Carme Blouse Pattern and fabrics from Leon’s in Chorlton

I chose to make up the red and white polka dot fabric first. It’s quite a straight forward make and there is a really good sew-a-long on the Pauline Alice website. There are short videos which clearly show you how to make the blouse. I followed the one for inserting the front placket.

I didn’t toile this garment first and although I’m pleased with the finished garment there are a few things I’d like to sort out for next time.
When I attached the main body to the pin-tucked front yoke the sides of the main body extended further up past the shoulder of the yoke. I did try to ease some of this out but I still…. STOP, before I post this I thought I’d better measure the pattern and have just realised when I traced the pattern I didn’t cut out properly and had an extra 2.5cm going past the shoulder line, I can just see the faint mark where I should have cut. This also explains why I found there was no ease in the front armhole! So no problem with the pattern here, just my tracing.

2016-02-03 20.35.53

my fault completely!

I didn’t have to cut any length from the sleeves which was odd as I normally have to with being 5’3″. So if you are any taller or have longer arms double check before cutting out. I also find the cuffs snug, snug so you have to undo the buttons to take it off and I can’t pull the cuff up over my Fitbit to check on my step count.

I wore the blouse out immediately after I’d sewn on the buttons, it fits well looks good tucked in or left out, sleeves up or down.

carme blouse front


The pattern was £12.50 and comes in a light cardboard folded cover that opens up, so no having to stuff the pattern back in. The pattern is printed on paper rather than tissue and you get and instruction booklet in 3 languages (the other two being French & Spanish). You can also buy a pdf download of the pattern. I’m still not sure why I like to buy the paper pattern rather than saving a few pounds and getting the download instead. Actually my workplace are clamping down on unnecessary printing and I wouldn’t want to be caught printing off 15 pages of a sewing pattern.

2016-02-09 22.10.56

Carme Pattern booklet and cover


10 thoughts on “Pauline Alice Carme Blouse

  1. This top really fits into your style. I think £12.50 is a lot for a pattern, unless one uses it again and again. I think there are vintage version available of most patterns much cheaper, but then I like the packaging of this product.

    • I’m sure I’ll get the use out of this pattern. I already have the fabric for a second version. You do have to think about the price of some of these patterns. The one pattern I do regret spending on was the Tilly Coco top. It was only front back and sleeve pattern pieces and I had to alter all to get a good fit! And it’s never been used again.

  2. This shirt is very cute! You’ll wear it all the time. I often wonder about which is more time/cost effective when it comes to paper or digital patterns. The taping together of patterns seems to take forever!

    • I don’t mind taping a small pattern with only a few pieces but can’t face a big one! I also trace my patterns and that can be time consuming. I do it just in case I get bigger or I want to lend the pattern to a friend – neither of these things has ever happened but I still trace!

    • I think I will get my monies worth out this. It’s a nice shirt to wear and makes a change to have a top that you can just throw on without it being jersey. Patterns, especially from the independents can be quite expensive.

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