Pauline Alice Carme Blouse Number 2

A couple of months ago I made my first Carme blouse using a Pauline Alice pattern. I made the mistake of not tracing the pattern correctly and ended up with a slightly distorted front body pattern and wondering why the pin-tucked yoke didn’t fit correctly. It’s still wearable but I was annoyed with myself for making a silly mistake. I had a second piece of fabric that I wanted to use for this style. Again it was a Rose and Hubble lightweight cotton, this time a grey bird print on a white background.

Carme blouse bird print

Pauline Alice Carme Blouse

Before I started I made sure the front pattern piece was correct and I also moved the position of the dart. On my first make I found it a bit high. To get a better position I did think I’d have to make a toile but I took an easy way by wearing the original blouse and then pinning the pattern to myself. I knew I needed to pinch out 4.5cm for the dart at the side seam so I pinned it lower with more of a slant up to the bust point.

pauline alice dart

I’ve highlighted the position of the darts on each of these blouses. You can see on the red blouse it is much too high for me.

I also lengthened the sleeves by 3cm, I find the original length barely long enough and at 5’3″ I’d say I would have shorter than average length arms.

For the construction the only thing I did differently this time was to flat fell the underarm seams. I realised with my first make that I didn’t like the look of the overlocked seam when wearing the sleeves rolled up.

It’s quite an easy garment to sew up but I seemed to drag it out longer than necessary. I slightly lost my mojo with this, mainly due to my work life encroaching on my time in the evenings. I need to get my creativity back!  But this evening I’m going to catch up with episode 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee.





10 thoughts on “Pauline Alice Carme Blouse Number 2

  1. Beautiful as always. No-one would notice the ‘flaw’ in the first one if you didn’t tell them, but when you point it out it the second one does look just that little bit nicer. 🙂

  2. Very nice blouse and the dart placement looks good too. I’m lost with my sewing… I keep starting things and not finishing. I find it hard to concentrate when work/family life gets hectic. What did you think of the sewing bee? I recorded it & skimmed through, but haven’t sat down to properly watch the 2nd episode yet. I did agree with the first person being sent home….I was wailing at the TV when I saw him hacking at the skirt hem – I know there was a time pressure, but even a few quick measurements would have helped! Plus in five hours, a skirt with a stretch waistband would allow enough time for a hem!!

    • I’m taking a slower approach to my sewing at the moment. I find that when I’m stretched at work it doesn’t then help by giving myself self imposed sewing deadlines – it just adds to the stress and mess! I wasn’t really concentrating on the first episode so I didn’t really catch much but did notice the very poor efforts for the refashioning. I made the effort to watch the second episode without any distractions, I quite enjoyed it and the right person was sent home. I enjoy these types of programmes once the first few weeks are over and the no so good ones have been sent home.

  3. It’s a lovely blouse Helen, version two fits beautifully, and the fabric is gorgeous – it will get lots of wear, I’m sure!

  4. It just sits so much better, doesn’t it? I love pin tucks on you and think it is worth the work. And the fabric is really beautiful. It looks super with the dark trousers/jeans. I have yet to find time in the work/life/crazy commitments diary to watch GBSB.

    • Yes it does and I can feel that it is better when I am wearing it. I made the effort to watch the 2nd episode without any distraction. When I watched the first I was trying to work at the same time and most of it went over my head!

    • Thanks, I enjoy sewing the pin tucks. I did buy a pin tuck foot a few years ago and have never used it. On this blouse the tucks are quite big so you don’t need a special foot.

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