Turning The Unfinished Dress Into A Skirt

I decided to get this done quickly and out of the sewing room into the wardrobe. I took the unfinished dress I wrote about in my last post and just chopped off the bodice. I overlocked the raw edge and pressed about 1cm under and stitched down using a navy thread in the middle of the two rows of top stitching. You can hardly see the stitching. Then I added the buttonholes and jeans buttons.


button though denim skirt salvaged from an unfinished dress

Because this was meant to be a dress rather than a skirt the waistband is slightly loose but it is still wearable. Also as it sits slightly lower at the waist than the dress would the length of the skirt is slightly longer then I’d planned. If I were to make this skirt from scratch it would also probably have a shaped waistband.

It’s had it’s first wearing today, that’s why it looks a little bit creased in the photos. It’s really comfortable, I can ride my bike in it so I can see me getting a lot of wear out of it all though the year.

I am really pleased with the top stitching. Using two strands of standard thread in the needle has really worked for me and my temperamental machine.


6 thoughts on “Turning The Unfinished Dress Into A Skirt

  1. You are the queen of top stitching actually Helen. I have still to dare to try this technique. This post reminds me that I have a dress that is destined to become a skirt. If only I can force myself to make it. Thanks for the push.

    • Thanks, it’s taken a few years to get there! I only tried the 2 threads methods out of desperation. I thought that it would be substandard finish and that you’d be able to see the two threads but not at all. My machine can really chew up fabric when I’m topstitching but handles this method without a problem. You’d still need a topstitching or denim needle as you’ll need the bigger hole so you can thread the needle easily. The skirt is getting a lot of wear, it’s slightly too big around the waist but not so bad I can’t wear it. It was a quick job to convert as otherwise it would be languishing for months!

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