Aran Cable Jumper Update

After nearly 4 weeks of knitting the front of the Aran jumper is finished. It was very exciting to reach the point of shaping for the neck.


So far so good. There was a tiny bit of unpicking when I realised I had cabled one of the plaits the wrong way. I was dreading sorting it out but I found the quickest way was to lay flat on a table pull out the needles and gently unravel until you’ve got back to where you went wrong then carefully pick up all the stitches again with the needle. I was thinking I’d have to unpick one stitch at a time but this worked and was undoubtedly much quicker.



I’m now about 1/5 up the back and I think I’m getting quicker.

You can see from the photos that one of the outer strands of the plait is thicker than the others, on the back I’m now trying to knit my cable twists more loosely and tighten the tension when I come out of the plait, this seems to be giving a more even appearance.

Chris at Make and Wear gave me a great tip for knitting the sleeves.

“It can be hard to keep the enthusiasm going ..! I haven’t knitted a flat jumper in a while, but if I do, I’d like to try knitting both sleeves at once – on the same needles, using separate balls of wool – it seems like it would be easier to keep on track !”

I think I will follow this advice and give it a go. I’m currently using 35cm long needles so I thought I’d get a longer pair but it seems that 40cm is the longest you can get and I’m not sure that 5cm will make that much of a difference.

My projected finish is the first week in January, I just can’t help working out how long things are going to take!


8 thoughts on “Aran Cable Jumper Update

  1. doing both sleeves at once is easy and saves a lot of time measuring/counting to make sure they’re equal. If I have to stop knitting I usually stop in the middle of a row or with both sleeves on the same needle to remember which way I’m knitting. Your cables look very nice.

  2. It looks fantastic Helen. I’m looking forward to hearing how the sleeves go – hopefully it’ll help avoid 2nd sleeve syndrome! I’m knitting a stockinette jumper still but it’s getting boring…Maybe I should have some aran knitting on the go aswell so I could switch between depending on my concentration level!

    • I needed to pop into John Lewis today so I picked up a pair of 40cm long needles as they were only £2. This should help with the width of the two sleeves when I get closer to the top edge. Knitting and sewing is so different in the whole time scale thing!!!!!1

  3. It looks good and as usual you have included some useful tips too. I am looking forward to seeing your finished jumper.
    Did you hear that John Lewis is closing its haberdashery department?


    • Thanks, I’m looking forward to eventually wearing it!!!
      I did read a bit about JL reducing the size of the haberdashery. I think it will be a real shame if it is lost for good. I don’t often buy fabric there as it is quite expensive but in sale time you can pick up some bargains. When I was in there yesterday there was a customer who had taken her knitting in and was getting help from the shop assistant on how to do a certain stitch.

  4. Looking good so far! The colour is lovely. I read that JL changed their minds about closing the haberdashery dept. following a big outcry from customers. I hope that’s true.

    • Hopefully JL will keep the departments open as you can get most things there. It would be good if they could look at the fabric selection – too much quilting cotton in my opinion.

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