Rainbow Sleeves Completed – Then Completely Losing The Will To Do Anything Craft Related…..

Back at the end of April I mentioned I was a week away from completing the sleeves to the rainbow striped jumper I was knitting. I got these finished at the beginning of May and then the rest of the month was rubbish.

My 86 year old father went into hospital on the 2nd May. He had many health issues and sadly I wasn’t expecting him to come home. It’s an 80 mile round trip to my parents home and the hospital. Combining the visiting with my mothers health problems, working and two young children it was quite a stressful time. He died on the 19th May.

Then as the world knows my home city of Manchester suffered the horrendous terrorist attack on the 22nd. Thankfully nobody I know was injured but I returned to work yesterday to find out that the sister, brother-in-law and 8 year old niece of a colleague were injured.

Then to add to the general low mood we were told on the 25th May that the office I work in is to be shut down and relocating to another area of the country. As a family we are not wanting to relocate, it’s further north for a start and further away from extended family. So it looks like redundancy for me. We haven’t been given a time scale for the shut down but likely to be early next year. I have been in this job for 13 years and the thought of going to interviews and starting somewhere new is really scary.

So I have completely lost the will do anything. I don’t feel like picking up the knitting, I have two pieces of fabric I planned to sew but can’t muster up any enthusiasm.

Back to the jumper. I don’t know how I feel about it. Knitting with the sport weight wool on 3mm needles is just a drag. It takes so long. I’m not sure that I like what I have knitted. But looking at the photos I took a few weeks back I think it’s not that bad. But I don’t feel excited enough to continue knitting.

rainbow sleeve

Frustratingly the sleeves are a few cms too long as well. I not sure that I want to spend another 6 weeks (at least) knitting the front and back and then still not really liking it. I also under estimated how much yarn I’d need for the stripes. I bought one of each colour 10gm mini ball thinking that would be fine but I it looks like I’ll need to buy another set.

rainbow jumper sleeve on body

I’m away next week with work so I’ll see how I feel when I get back. The thing is that I know that immersing myself in some making will be good for me but it’s just getting started….