Rosetta Girls Cable Sweater

Not much has been happening around here, the family bereavement early last summer and the looming redundancy have put a real drain on my creativity. I can knit but I can’t sew. It’s funny because I used to favor sewing over knitting as I want the quicker results from sewing.  I suppose with knitting I can pick it up and watch TV and I can do as little or as much as I like without having to set anything up. I have a half made shirt hanging on the back of my sewing chair, I just can’t find the enthusiasm to finish it at the moment but in that time I have knitted two jumpers.

2017-11-17 11.41.32

The first was for my daughter. She had wanted a cable knit and I had found this pattern previously. I couldn’t face spending months on a complicated aran jumper like I did last autumn but this looked good as it just had a cables on the front and the rest of the body had a texture. The pattern is called Rosetta. Which I downloaded from Lovekntting.

Somehow I just presumed the yarn would be aran and went ahead and ordered Paintbox Aran in sailor blue from Love knitting without reading the pattern. The yarn should have been worsted weight so my gauge would be right out if I followed the pattern. I knitted a swatch and worked out that if I followed the amount of stitches for the smallest size 24″ – it would work out at 32″ which was what I needed.

The jumper is knitted from the hem up on circular needles up to the armhole. Then the top of the front and back are knitted in turn. Then to knit the sleeves the shoulder seams are sewn up and then stitches are picked up around the armhole and knitted in the round down towards the cuff. I really liked this approach, I don’t enjoy seaming knitting so this was perfect.

2017-11-18 13.48.21

Starting this just didn’t go to plan. The texture is knitted in a basket weave but I just couldn’t get it! I couldn’t see that I was going wrong until a couple of rows past the mistake so I decided to give myself a break and try a different stitch. On the arran jumper I knitted last year the texture I used was moss stitch – also called seed stitch. This can be quite time consuming and can give quite a solid fabric so I remembered that I once used ‘broken seed stitch’ on a pair of socks. This adds a knit row in-between the rows of knit / purl stitches. So that was what I used.

Then the cables gave me a headache – I just couldn’t get them right. So there was a bit of unraveling to start with. I was reading the pattern but then I found that looking at the chart made more sense. I cut out the chart, made it into one long strip and I highlighted the ‘cable left’ and the ‘cable right’ in different colours and finally this worked for me. I needed to keep the chart handy at all times.


With the sleeves and the neck there was no indication on the pattern of how many stitches to pick up to knit so that was a bit of guesswork. I also found that the sleeves took longer to knit than expected and I think that had something to do with having the garment in your lap and having to twist the whole garment around when knitting. I used a circular needle for the sleeves until they got too narrow then swapped to DPNs.

The sleeves were designed to be 3/4 length, it’s not quite clear in the photo how long they are as the model is photographed with arms down but neither myself or my daughter liked this look so I knitted them full length.

It knitted up fine and I got the width that I wanted, for the length of body and sleeves I knitted to the measurements that we wanted.

The Paintbox Aran yarn is ok, during knitting I was wondering if I should have spent a bit more but it’s turned out fine and really I don’t want to spend too much when I’m not sure much it is going to get worn. If I was knitting for myself I think I I’d choose a better quality yarn.

But anyway, I enjoyed knitting this and was a challenge to get up to the shoulders without a mistake in the cables!




6 thoughts on “Rosetta Girls Cable Sweater

  1. Dear Helen
    I hope that you are finding life somewhat easier after the bereavement although I realise that the redundancy is difficult too.
    I know what you mean about enjoying the quick results in sewing. I am finding it hard to get motivated with more demanding makes right now.
    Your daughter is very lucky. I love the colour of the wool and the design that you chose for her jumper.
    I am very interested in all the strategies that you have used to complete the jumper. I agree that it is so much better to follow the chart. You certainly keep on with the knitting whatever happens. I enjoy all the details of what you are doing and how you find your own way to sort out any problems.
    Good luck with the redundancy. You have so many excellent skills that would be a considerable advantage in many work settings. It was very good to read this today.
    Best wishes

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Teresa!
      I do enjoy knitting in the round and the method of adding the sleeves was new to me but works although you do have the whole jumper in your lap whilst knitting.
      I’m trying to get motivated as I don’t want to leave sewing so long that I don’t get back into it. I can’t believe now that I did the RTW fast a few years ago and was having to sew everything.

      • Dear Helen I have just seen your comment about doubting that you will get a job.
        It isn’t always easy to get a job but you surely will. You are resourceful and talented. Stay positive!

      • Thanks for your kind thoughts! What I was trying to say was I doubt I’d get around to sewing. The job market has changed since I was last looking but I’m sure I’ll get into it!

  2. Hi Helen, I understand a little how you feel about sewing when you’ve so much on your mind. I hope everything works out jobwise in 2018 😊. I’m job hunting at the minute and I thought I’d get so much sewing done while I wait to go back to work, but I’ve so little to show for all the time I’m spending at home. I have just finished a jumper that is going to my mother, and it was a pain doing the sleeves while the whole bulk of the jumper was in my lap !

    • I’m sure sewing would take my mind off things if I could just get motivated! I have an idea that once I do secure a new job I’ll start sewing a new wardrobe, not sure if that will actually happen!

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