Me Made May 14 – completed!

It’s the 31st May and I am pleased to say that for the last 31 days I have worn at least one ‘me-made’ item a day. I did start taking a photo everyday but there was a lot of repetition and frankly they were a bit boring.

Looking at the picture my me-made wardrobe seems quite limited. I do have a couple of dresses and a couple of blouses but they seemed ‘too dressy’ for everyday wear. I’m so glad I sorted out the Liberty jersey skirt, this got a few wears with the black Maria of Denmark Kimono tee.

all the items worn during May - only picture missing is of a black tee which I hadn't taken a photo of

all the items worn during May – only picture missing is of a black tee which I hadn’t taken a photo of

From top left
Socks Denim Shirt Burdastyle 7136 – Liberty Jersey SkirtSewaholic Renfrew top –  Maria of Denmark Kimono tee in greyChecked shirt Burdastyle 7136 – Denim dress Butterick B5600 – PJ bottoms –  Hermione’s everyday socksMaria of Denmark Kimono tee in redtartan shirt Burdastyle 7136

This month has shown up some gaps in my wardrobe. Mainly skirts and dresses. My next 3 projects are already planned and fabric has been bought for a denim skirt, a Kitschy Coo skater dress and a dress that I’m not quite sure what it will look like yet.

If you were taking part, how did you do?



Liberty Jersey Skirt – Sorting Out a Pig’s Ear

Realising I didn’t have that much variety of outfits for Me Made May 14 and that I was short of skirts I decided it was time to sort out the pig’s ear of a mess I made of this skirt.

look at the state of that hem!

look at the state of that hem!

I made this way back in 2009 and it only got worn a couple of times before I decided it was such a mess that I couldn’t wear it again until I had sorted out the hem. So since then it has been hiding in the back of the wardrobe.

The fabric is a Liberty jersey in my favourite design, Ianthe. I bought it on e-Bay. It must have been ‘seconds’ as in the green flowers the dot in the middle is missing but just on one side of the design. The skirt is semi – circular and has an invisible zipper at the side seam.

Fast forward to 2014 and I now have no fear of sewing with knits and know what ‘S.S. ‘ means on the stitch dial of my machine but back then I was a bit ignorant. I whizzed this up in one evening, the side seams are sewn with a normal straight stitched and the seam allowances finished together with a zigzag and trimmed. The hem has been zigzagged then folded over a tiny amount and stitched with a straight stitch. Which looked terrible.

The skirt just dropped at the side seams.

I did think it was going to need a whole re-make but when I tried it on a the weekend everything looked reasonably ok except the hem. So I put it on the dummy and measured up from the floor to the shortest point then followed that measurement all the way around the hem. The side seams were 5cm (2″) longer than the centre front and back.

the difference between the front and side seam was over 5cm (2")

the difference between the front and side seam was over 5cm (2″) and just look at that stitching?!

I finished the new hem with a twin needle and wore it to work yesterday. Ta Dah!

liberty jersey skirt

much better – I’m not ashamed to be seen wearing it any more.

As for Me Made May 14, seven days in and so far so good. I am taking photos with the plan that I’ll post at some point during the month.




Me Made May 14

After reading about it last year I am ready to participate in this years ‘Me Made May 14’


‘I, Helen, of Cut It Out, Stitch It Up, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear one piece of me made clothing each day for the duration of May 2014’.

I felt quite confident a few weeks back but looking in my wardrobe yesterday I think it will be a challenge and it has shown me there are gaps in my me made wardrobe. I could do with some skirts and everyday dresses. Hopefully this will help me focus on what I need to sew in the future. I do have plans but not enough time!

I could get though the month by rotating PJ bottoms and hand knitted socks but I shall try not to rely on them.

Anyone else taking part?