Me Made May ’15 Round Up

Back at the end of April I signed up for Me Made May ’15. Because I wear my own makes most days I signed up to wearing 2 pieces of Me Made each day.

I got through the month sticking to my pledge but with a lot of repetition and the jeans were the most worn item easily by far! I do tend to repeat as I try to keep the amount of laundry down – if it’s not dirty, wear it the next day.
I wore 12 different outfits throughout the 31 days. Most of May in my part of the UK was cold and rainy with the exception of one day when I had to travel down from Manchester to London with work. That’s when I wore the Lucienne Day print dress and had bare legs. I attended a course and the photo is taken from a video still.

me made may 15

1. Jeans & cowl neck Renfrew
2. Coco Top, Jeans & socks
3. Maria of Denmark Kimono tee & soft pleat ponte roma skirt
4. Maria of Denmark Kimono tee & soft pleat ponte roma skirt
5. Jeans, Kimono tee & short row heel socks
6. Jeans, V neck Renfrew & Hermione everyday socks
7. Round neck Renfrew & Hermione everyday socks
8. Coco top & soft pleat denim skirt
9. Kimono tee & soft pleat denim skirt
10. Lucienne Day print dress & knickers
11. Liberty print jersey skirt & kimono tee
12. Jeans & denim shirt

Looking at the pictures it’s made me think about what I wear. I’m beginning to think it’s all a bit boring. I only wore a dress once which is disappointing – but then the weather wasn’t good enough to be wearing the summer dresses that I’ve made. On some of the days at work I do make the effort and put a skirt on but days at home do tend to be jeans and a jersey top. I’m running around after 2 young children so I find it’s a practical outfit.

Most of the photos were taken first thing in the morning so that’s why I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!

Well done to everyone who took part and I’ve enjoyed reading the posts.

Now we are into June the sun finally shone yesterday and I was able to wear my bike bloomers for the first time. I’ve realised it’s not just the skirt riding up at the front it’s what going on at the back of your thighs, the bit you can’t see but everybody else can. The bloomers did their job and protected my modesty.

Bike Bloomers in action

Bike Bloomers in action


Me-Made-May 15

May seems to have come around quickly and here we are again for Me-Made-May 15.

I participated last year but with quite a lot of duplication, this year I have a lot more me made items in the wardrobe. So I’ve signed up for this year saying I’d aim to wear 2 items of me made each day. I normally wear something I’ve made nearly everyday so 1 item wasn’t really going to be a challenge. I may come unstuck if I wear a dress but I’ll make sure I save my home made knickers for those days.

2015-05-01 14.42.12

 ‘I, Helen of Cut it Out Stitch it Up, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear 2 items of me made each day for the duration of May 2015’

Good luck to the rest of you taking part!