I’m Up And Running With A 4 Thread Again! Overlocker Joy!

Oh happy day!

After two months away the overlocker is back, fully serviced and fixed.
Bambers in Eccles have done a great job. It was ready after 4 weeks but with work and travelling I hadn’t had time to pick it up.
The machine is now working as a 4 thread again with new top and bottom knives.

Singer 14U overlocker up and running as a 4 thread. Woo Hoo!

Singer 14U overlocker up and running as a 4 thread. Woo Hoo!

The work cost £98 which was what I was expecting, I was hoping for under £100.
I’ve had this machine for nearly 25 years. It’s a Singer 14U 134. I bought it from my mum’s Freemans catalogue when I was a teenager and if I remember rightly it was £349, which at the time was a fortune. I paid for it monthly from my wages as a Saturday girl.

Bambers have warned me that it’s getting harder to buy needles for this machine. You can still buy the standard needles in the UK but the ball point needles I had to have sent from the US. Bambers don’t rate Singer machines well, in fact they told me that some just aren’t worth fixing but with this being older and made in Japan it’s worth keeping hold of.

The main reason for getting the machine fixed was for sewing knits. I’ve sewn all my knits so far on my standard machine using the triple stretch stitch and then using the 3 thread overlocker for neatening the seams. It works well but take so long. So being able to stitch the seam and neaten in one go would make sewing up knits really speedy.

So I was quite nervous when I came to give it a go with the ball point needle and jersey fabric. But all is fine, it worked like a dream!

I’ve just started sewing up a Coco top and so far so good.

I love this machine 🙂