Adding A New Neck To The Cable Jumper – Definitely Finished This Time

When I posted about the finished jumper last week I mentioned that I wasn’t completely happy with the roll neck and was planning to knit a new piece and take the first attempt off.

For the second attempt I knitted a straight piece of ribbing, I had worked out that I needed approx. 144 stitches to get the width of neck I needed and knitted it 15cm deep. To check I was happy with the appearance I knitted the last row on to a circular needle which gave me the flexibility to wrap it around the neck on the dummy.

Then came the time consuming bit. I took off the original neck by cutting off the casting off row and unravelling, which was harder than expected and left me with lots of small bits of wool everywhere. I had to be careful and make sure I picked up all the live stitches that were at the centre front and centre back. I then had to graft the new piece on to the neckline which was still on the circular needle. It took me a while to work out the instructions for the grafting were the same as Kitchener stitch which is used for finishing off the toe when knitting socks.

That was fine for the stitches at the front and back but there were no instructions for when you are grafting with stitches on just one needle and a finished neckline but I managed to make something up that worked. Anyway, it took ages, I had to do it in two sittings. Once grafted all the way around I stitched up the seam on the neck piece and finished.


Last week when I put this garment on I wasn’t knocked out by it which was disappointing considering how long I’d spent knitting but I’m much happier with the look of the new neck and I’ve been wearing it over the last couple of days and I do really like it. It’s super comfy and really warm, I wore it out today in place of a coat. I really enjoyed knitting this but it was a real commitment! That was a quarter of year taken up with the making of one garment but it’s one garment I’ll probably still have in my wardrobe and wear when I am an old lady.

Now it’s done I’m going to think about sewing a few things.



Christmas Present Socks

These were my last make of 2014. A  pair of socks as a Christmas present for my other half.
They are knitted in Regia Mix It Color with the toe,heel and cuff using West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply. I did have to buy a 100gm ball for this as the local yarn shop doesn’t sell smaller balls of sock yarn but anyway it’ll do for either a smaller pair of socks or more contrast areas.

Self patterning yarn with contrast heel and toe

Self patterning yarn with contrast heel and toe

These were knitted cuff down with a 1 x 1 rib for 12 rows then stocking stitch. I’ve used the short row heel, which is my heel of choice now. Then finishing off the toe with the Kitchener stitch.

As these were a present I had to do them in secret. I got most of them done when I was away on a business trip for a week. I had a the joy of there and back 12 1/2 hour flights, the return leg was a day flight so whilst I watched in flight films I managed to knit most of the second sock.

They were opened on Christmas morning and much appreciated!  🙂



Fluormania Socks Finished

The second Fluormania sock in this pair was put on hold to get my dad’s pair done in time for Christmas. I picked these up again in the new year and the second sock is now finished.

fluormania finished (1620 x 2160)

To get them to match I made sure I started the second sock in the same colour position as the first sock. My daughter actually mentioned how she likes that they match properly, so my effort wasn’t wasted!

The yarn is Regia 4ply Fluormania which I bought from my local wool shop. (I can’t find a link to the actual colour on-line). I thought the colour was way to bright to start with but it soon grew on me and the finished pair are fab. I knitted on 52 stitches with a 1×1 rib at the top and a 2×2 rib for the leg and instep. My only wish is that I knitted them longer. I did measure up to the knee but I under estimated how much they shrink down when stretched around the width of the leg and also I’m always worried that I’ll use more than half for the first sock and run out of yarn. But of course I had loads left so could have knitted longer, though I did add an extra bit of length to the foot to allow for growth.

I feel like I have mastered the toe grafting ‘Kitchener stitch’ and can do it without looking at it written down every 5 seconds.

Out of left overs from other sock yarn I knitted a pair for the toddler, not such a success. They did just about fit but the length of the foot could have been longer. He’s also just moved up a shoe size so the window of wear for these was about 2 weeks. But since I’ve finished his sister’s pair he has had a renewed interest in them.

little ones finished (1368 x 1824)

I knitted these on 40 stitches, if I do some again for him I’ll do 44 and definitely knit the foot with some growing room.
Despite not really being a success I did enjoy knitting them, at times I felt like the shoemakers wife from ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’
little socks in progress (1368 x 1824)I have access to some fabric weighing scales so I’ve weighed the left overs of the fluormania yarn and I have 33gms left out of the 100gm ball so I think I have enough to knit him up a short pair.