RTW Fast 2015 & the 2015 Sewing / Design and Inspiration Challenge!

Sarah who runs the blog ‘Goodbye Valentino’ is running the RTW Fast for another year and I’ve joined up again. I believe that this year there are double the amount of pledgers than 2014. Underwear and socks are allowed but the aim is to avoid buying any ready to wear clothing for the year.

2015 fasters badge

I enjoyed taking part last year and found it surprisingly easy – there was the pair of waterproof over trousers but I would say a necessary purchase. I found that being on the fast made me focus more on what I needed to make and by the end of the year I felt I had created a reasonably versatile wardrobe.

Anyone else taking part?
What do you think you’ll miss buying most?
I really need jeans so I’m hoping the Crafty Jeanius course is going to be a success.

I’m also going to take part in Zoe’s 2015 Sewing  / Design and Inspiration Challenge over at her blog ‘Short Stories of Shapely Seams’. Zoe has set up a monthly challenge, which sounds manageable. For January it’s create a mood board and then make a garment inspired by your board. I’ve been working on the mood board and know what I’d like to make, I just need to buy the fabric and I only have two weeks left of January…….

2015 sewing design inspiration challenge badge


10 thoughts on “RTW Fast 2015 & the 2015 Sewing / Design and Inspiration Challenge!

    • I haven’t heard of the Angela Wolf class before. Looking forward to seeing your finished pair. For the Jeanius course you need to use silk organza for copying your pattern and I’m just waiting for mine to arrive from eBay.

      • It was called – Sewing Designer Jeans. But before that I had – Pant Fitting Techniques and Pant Construction Techniques – to get the fit right on the work pants I wear, they have to be dressier, then I noticed those two could apply to making jeans too, so I added on the Sewing Designer Jeans class. Kind of a round about way to decide I could try making a pair of jeans, hmm? Sounds like your class might be all in one for jeans!

    • It’s fun to set yourself some challenges but I’m going to try not to let myself stressed out and put pressure on myself – which is easier said than done 🙂

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